I'm currently in the studio working on my debut project entitled "Conundrum: 1619 - 2019 Vol. 1" I'm very excited to be working on this project with a awesome collective of legends and peers that I have worked with over the last 15 years of my career. 2019 marks 400 years since African Americans were taken from our homeland and brought to a land that we were unfamiliar with. To work, to die and to be slaves.To repeatedly ostracized and cast aside. This album follows the incredible true journey of the transatlantic slave trade. From Africa to American, as well as the Caribbean. From freedom to colonization. From the slave ship to the cotton fields of the south and from the civil rights movement to current. Not much has changed. This album follows the musical journey and contribution that African Americans have given to many genres but expressed through jazz and rhythm and blues. The writing process alonehas taken over 3 years to construct and now approaching the final stages for mastering and packaging to be shared with the world. It is my hope that my album will either piss you off or make you pause and take a moment to think. COMING JULY 2019

New Music from The Tommy Z Band

Greetings and happy new year!!!! I'm starting off the new year with the official announcement that I'm working on blues legend, Tommy Z's new project. I've been playing with him for the last 4 years and now finally I get to cut a record with the same man that toured and opened up for Pine Top Perkins and whose 2016 album "Blizzard of Blues" debuted on the blues charts at number 8. I'm very excited of the upcoming sessions stay tuned!!!

Walter Kemp 3OH! Vinyl

In case your not aware the "Walter Kemp 3OH!" has released a new album and vinyl entitled "Dark Room" Its another incredible album, dare I say even better than the last. This album features a song I wrote as well as appearances by Scott Tixer (Stevie Wonder) and saxophone extraordinaire Andre Killian. Check it out on all media outlets for purchase and download.

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