Colombia, South America

There is so much to say about Colombia. There is more than meets the eye. The way that everyone described Colombia to me was a country of beautiful scenery, beautiful women, and great food, but what I discovered was way more than face value. The passion of these people is unmatched. I have never met a people that have been through so much but still so happy and full of joy. I taught some classes while there. One at El Bosque Universidad. The whole theme of the tour was Blues music. I went into the history of Blues music, detailing the pain that came from slavery and the transalantic slave. I engaged the young students sharing call and response songs and the history of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. I learned that many of the students had not heard of Harriet Tubman. I had a great time teaching there and made many new friends. I would eventually go to Escuela De Musica Desepaz Cali. What a school. The oldest student was 17 yrs. old , the youngest being 8 yrs. old. these wonderful kids played me a song by heart that they had rehearsed with no sheet music and were playing elaborate lines. My mouth was just open. I couldn't believe what wonderful, lovely notes I was experiencing. After I had put on a drum solo for the kids, to there delight, I then noticed that the drum set I was playing was being disassembled by the staff. I asked" Why is the set being taken apart?" They told me that the school didn't own their own set. The set I played was rented only for the workshop. It immediately made me emotional. I realized that none of the students could take an instrument home. They remembered their fingerings and perfect pitch notes and would practice in the air at home. When I signed all the autographs I could, and got into the tour bus back to the hotel, I cried uncontrollably for 20 minutes straight smh I realized how much these kids didn't have and that I lived in a country where I can't get more than 2 consistent students a week, and there I was in a classroom full of eager minds who hung on to every word that I said, all 75 of them. We really ought to be more grateful for what we have because when you step in other areas of the world you quickly learn that out of all of your complaining about shit that doesn't matter, that there truly someone living life in worst conditions than you. I will be doing a fundraiser soon to send some drumsticks and drums there. Prayer for Colombia.

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