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Hey everyone. I bring you greetings from the road.

This tour has been awesome. In case you don't know our band has a devine affection for Chipotle and Waffle House. Needless to say, once again every place we stopped was great.

Our 1st stop - Pittsburgh ,PA "Pub and Grub"

was an excellent turnout also having great staff and killer food. Try the deviled eggs!!! And I had this burger which was disrespectfully delicious. The sound man was A-1. It was a great experience overall and a great kick off to the rest of the tour.

Next Stop - Charlotte, NC " The Rabbit Hole"

The blues society invited us back for a 2nd yr. for their 26th anniversary. Packed house with standing room only and a great crowd of anticipation. They literally hung on every note. It seemed as though we could do no wrong. Most of the material was original from Tommy's new upcoming project we recorded which is untitled. It was filled with alot of buffalonians which made us feel at home.

Next stop - Bradenton, Fl "Brandenton Women's Club"

After a 2 day break we had a chance to meet up with our dear friend Steve Awery for The Hump Day Blues Buffett. This was also our 2nd time participating. Always a good time with Steve, he came up and did a song with us where he was dancing with a manicane and putting wigs on me and the organ player Tom Scime's head. Lol. We were both the bald guys in the band so it probably made sense. Yet again another packed house and a lovely reception to Tommy's new music. Great buffet style dinner and a chance to be under the Florida Sun.

Next Stop - Englewood, FL "Englewoods on Dearborn"

Without doubt one of the greatest places I've ever been to. The guy that owns it is from Austria and has an accent like Arnold Schwarzenegger. His catch phrase?? "Are you fawking keeding me?" Always brings smiles to the patrons faces. Of course once again a packed house but if there's one thing that I really love is a good steak. Mmmm mm mmm. Medium rare, And man O man do they do it right. Another venue with a lot of people from Buffalo which makes a trip like that all worth the while. Not to mention the coolest part about it all was One of my high school band teachers came to check out the show and whipped out his trombone and played a couple tunes with us. It's so funny how things come full circle. Not only did he play but he kicked ass. My only regret was that we did not capture it on video.

Next Stop - Jupiter, Florida "Double Roads Tavern"

Now I know I said that the last location was the best but with so many choices is hard to choose. This is another one of my favorite places. Chef Will at helm is one of the best chef's I know. The man is just plain gifted. That man has the gift of cooking in his hands ,you could call it the Holy Spirit. Yet once again a packed house with people dancing well into a 3rd set with know let down. It would be wise for me to note that there is a great cigar bar right next door that is usually open until 2:30 in the morning and of course because I like cigars had to stop and grab two. Crowd once again was extremely receptive of the original music which just goes to show that original music can become what is regularly known as a cover. Once people understood lyrics of what was going on they were eager to join in. Sometimes we do mash up sets where we take a combination of different songs and put them together like a medley. One of our medleys breaks into "War Pigs" And every time we do that song everybody joins in and primally recites the words, It is truly a sight to behold even though it's not original tune it's nothing like being on a stage and he and everybody recite the lyrics right back to you loudly.

Next Stop - Naples, Fl "South Street Naples"

Another great live music venue with a great stage and drum riser. A lot of people were there because they were watching the masters tournaments and Tiger Woods whip on everybody. Another great friend and leader of the Bonita Springs Blues festival in Bonita Springs Florida was in the crowd. Him and his table were cheering us on all the way. He even took some footage of the band playing that hopefully I will be able to attach to this blog. If you follow me on YouTube at all you will see some of that footage as well. Really awesome swanky place That had tons of artwork pictures of legends of music such as Bob Marley, and Steven Tyler. With a great staff they raved about our sets and said that we were one of the best bands that ever came through and that we weren't too loud which is pretty cool it's always nice to be aware of your surroundings.


Sometimes amidst all of the lights actions and camera you tend to get used to the road life. But sometimes you have to take yourself out of the equation and have a out of body experience and just watch yourself hovering looking down below and watching all the smiles on people's faces and all the joy that you can bring them with your gift. Always remember that God has placed something in your hands that is way bigger than you. We must always spread Peace & Love to everyone and music is the key that unlocks the door. Until next time be kind to each other and love one another. Peace.

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